English Program

English is the daily language at Camp Edi, thus campers will be immersed in English. English instruction will be based on the campers' different levels of English. Campers will be grouped based on age and English knowledge. Basic English instruction from a few hours a day to immersion type day-long classes will be offered. The English program is taught by native English instructors.

Science Program

Campers will have the opportunity to be involved and actually participate in some of the ongoing research at KREC. Campers will be exposed to different scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, biology, physics, geology/mineralogy, hydrology/hydrogeology and learn how they interrelate in exploring some of today's mineral resource issues.

The Science Program will be divided into three parts 1) Program Topics-Classroom Activities, 2) Field and Lab Activities, and 3) Science Project. The Science Program will consist of three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Campers will be placed in appropriate levels based on their English, math and science background. The Science Program will be an active/interactive, hands-on experience which will include field, lab and classroom participation. Campers will learn to

· collect samples

· use laboratory equipment to analyze samples

· develop and run experiments

· log, label and plot data

· collect and interpret data/results

· present data/results.

The Science Program being developed for Camp Edi will be based on practical work experiences, research projects, experiments and training associated with KREC and their associated researchers and students. The goal is to expose children to the various science disciplines in a practical and fun way.

Other Activities

In addition to the English and science programs, recreational activities will be organized for the campers. These include both indoor and outdoor activities. Some of the suggested activities are listed below.

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Sports: e.g. swimming, fishing, kayaking, softball, basketball, soccer, hiking, horseback riding and more.
  • Daily Newspaper (parents daily update via email)
  • Cooking
  • Trail building and marking (signs)